Empowering your business with Sabre Red 360

How to streamline your migration from legacy Sabre Scribe Scripts

Scribe Scripts Migration & Sabre RED 360 Customization

Sabre Red 360 brings access to a reimagined user experience that is easy to master, and ensures unprecedented level of travel data and options. The Sabre Red 360 Developer Toolkit (the SDK) offers rich capabilities to build custom widgets, pop-ups and forms, and provides the following
4 key advantages:

Better UI/UX

Customized workspace view that enhances agent performance and offers more robust technical capabilities

Streamlined Workflow

With a Red App, the travel consultant enters the information only once, and the app performs the rest of the operations

Seamless Automation

The Sabre Red 360 architecture is built on APIs, making it easier to rapidly deploy new content as soon as it is available

Integration with Wider Agency Tooling

Information that is currently manually entered by travel consultants can be pulled automatically using Sabre APIs

Migrate from Scribe Scripts to Future-Proof your Business

Sabre highly recommends migrating from Scribe Scripts to take full advantage of the Sabre Red 360 environment, and enable greater flexibility for your business

Scribe Scripts cannot support newer Sabre service offerings such as Content Services for Lodging that are designed to interface via APIs for improved flexibility and performance

Sabre Red Apps integrate seamlessly into the workflow and simplify it dramatically

Enable your company to take advantage of new Sabre Red Apps being developed by the travel management community (leisure, corporate, franchise, consortia) and travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, ground transportation providers)

DataArt’s five steps framework to accelerate migration from Sabre Scribe to using Sabre APIs

DataArt consistently invests in research and development to enhance delivery and integration for Sabre services. This enables us to provide a proven framework for Scribe Script migration projects that includes a set of tools designed to establish project priorities, assess risks, and speed up project execution. Throughout the process we maintain an experienced team with strong Sabre and technology expertise

Use DataArt’s technological instruments to gather data on Scribe Script execution, analyze Scribe Script source code to identify script dependencies, analyze script execution statistics to define migration priorities

Describe workflows and usage scenarios including scripted operations and agents’ actions

Propose and align upon solution architecture, testing and cut-over approach

Develop the solution and conduct certification of the solution with Sabre (Use pre-developed software components to speed up development as applicable)

Test and migrate to the new solution

DataArt Is a Sabre Travel Network Silver Developer Partner

Consulting and Sabre Red App Development since 2014

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Mike King
Mike King

Mike is DataArt’s Strategic Relationship Director. He has 20+ years experience helping travel related companies achieve their business objectives with consulting and technology solutions. Mike is DataArt’s primary contact for Sabre related integration and development needs and is available to discuss potential business or technology solutions.


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